Hi, I’m Pete, otherwise known as Getting Better Man.

I set up Getting Better Man, well, for personal reasons really. I wanted to prove to myself that I can become just that… a better man. Not the there is anything particularly wrong with me, but what I wanted to do was simply become better than I was. I was an average guy, great job, great life, great girlfriend, friends and family, but something inside me was telling me that I can be better in myself.

I am not looking to change the world, the point is that I am not the type of person that would be able to sustain a full life makeover, I have always lived to excess, whether enjoying the party a little too much, indulging excessively in food and drink and generally not caring for myself enough.

So the challenge is this…find the little things that I can do and enjoy that will make a big difference to my body, mind and spirit and with that hopefully inspire others that it’s never too late or too big a challenge to get better.

I’m a sports mad, food fan and generally a very happy person, so much of getting better for me is about changing my attitude to how I treat my body and also my mind. So I am embarking on a journey as I enter my mid-thirties to challenge myself to get better. Oh, and another challenge that you will notice becomes a theme of my content, my ambition is to throw a competitive dart, professionally (now I have given up the hope of a pro-football career). I’ll keep you updated with that.

So please follow me, but even better join me as I aim to become a Better Man.