Going Green Diary

Vegan Six Week Challenge Diary – Day Seven

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Going Green Diary

Vegan Six Week Challenge Diary – Day Six

The weekend cometh and I feel energised to see my first week out on this Vegan challenge. I know that I haven’t been the healthiest during week one, but I haven’t consciously cheated or failed.. yet. Michaela and I start the weekend like most weekends with a trip to the local grocery store to pick up our food for the…

Going Green Diary

Vegan Six Week Challenge Diary – Day Five

Another challenging day lay ahead as it becomes clear that the diet and work balance needs some serious thought. A few beers last night and I’m craving the usual hangover go to breakfast option of bacon. No chance, I can power through this. However, having run out of Soya milk my only breakfast option is for a black coffee and…

Going Green Diary

Vegan Six Week Challenge Diary – Day Four

So today is a big challenge day. A day packed with meetings and also after work drinks with some old colleagues and friends. How am I going to stick to the vegan diet when short on time and out with friends. I start the day with a nice bowl of Weetabix with soya milk, sweetened with a drizzle of agave…

Food / Going Green Diary

Vegan Six Week Challenge Diary – Day Three

Ok, so before I begin, the eagle-eyed amongst you would have noticed that the goal posts have shifted somewhat on my vegan challenge. For those that need a little help… I have been made aware that the Vegucated challenge is actually 6-weeks and not 3-weeks. The goal posts have now not just moved… they’ve simply disappeared over the horizon. Oh…

Lifestyle / Photography

Get A Hobby – Photography

For quite a while I have been interested in photography. As a young child I borrowed one of my grandfather’s photography guidebooks and later in life I dabbled with a camera at work without really knowing my way around it, getting shots out of luck rather than knowledge. So it was a welcome surprise when my girlfriend recently treated me…