For quite a while I have been interested in photography. As a young child I borrowed one of my grandfather’s photography guidebooks and later in life I dabbled with a camera at work without really knowing my way around it, getting shots out of luck rather than knowledge.

So it was a welcome surprise when my girlfriend recently treated me to a two-day beginner course to photography from the London Institute of Photography ( in the Truman Brewery in East London.

It was exactly what I needed, as they patiently and calmly talked a small group around the settings of the camera and the necessaries to be able to come off of auto mode go into manual to get some top notch shots. The course was really well broken up into sections, as there is a lot to take in, and then you go out into Brick Lane and the surrounding area to practice what you have just learned.

It’s amazing that once you get to understand the basics of the camera you can then go out and really enjoy taking decent photographs.

A weekend very well spent and I am now motivated to go out and cultivate my new found passion for photography, and get out into the city and my local area to practice. So much so that I have now set up a new section for me to showcase my gallery. Feedback and advice always welcome.

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