For quite a while now I have been thinking about my diet and the effect of what I feed my body has on my health.

A few years ago I watched a couple of Netflix documentaries “Forks Over Knives” and “Food Inc” and I was alarmed and concerned about the quality of the food that I was consuming. At the time I lived on my own and was earning ok money, so I made the conscious decision to buy more quality food, never buy ready meals (following the horse meat scandal in 2013) and very very rarely do I indulge in fast foodF.

My diet has never been the best, I often over consumed and regretted it the day after. However, now I believe the time is right to make the next big move. If I am honest with myself, I don’t feel in good shape, I am often quite tired, I lack concentration and focus and although I don’t consider myself to be sick, neither do I consider that I am healthy.

I believe fully that this is down to my diet.

A good friend of mine, Nicky, having also watched the aforementioned documentaries, decided to go vegan. He isn’t your stereotypical vegan. I for one always thought of vegans as tree-hugging, gaunt, protesting and probably unwashed people. However ,Nicky is only one of those… just kidding Nick. After you have read this go an check Nicky out at Mr Vegan Uk on Instagram here and this guy definitely breaks all perceptions of what a vegan is.

Recently I decided to tune in for some more Netflix binging and thought I would check out “What The Health” and “Vegucated”.

I could not believe what I watched. I had always wanted to build the courage to make a conscious life decision on my health but what these documentaries teach is life changing. I took much of the shock tactics with the hope and understanding that the farming in the UK and Europe isn’t quite as terrible as it is in the US. The treatment of the animals is inexcusable and then what the farmers happily send out to be consumed by their own kind (human beings) is nothing short of disgusting. People are now eating themselves sick, due to the corruption of the system and greed.

However, the rate of population growth at home will eventually put a strain on farms and they will need to develop their methods to cope with demand and this may present a farming model more like the US mass farming seen on these documentaries.

Not only that but these documentaries also suggest that humans are not actually genetically made up to consume meat. The way our bodies differ from carnivores in the wild suggests that we were actually designed for consuming a plant based diet rather than a meat one. The effects of this on health is dramatic as seen on the screen in these shows, and noticeable after only two weeks of change. I won’t go into it now but seriously check it out for yourself.

So, inspired by my good friend Nicky and Vegucated, I have decided to embark on a six-week Vegan diet challenge.

Unfortunately due to the nature of my work I won’t be able to live a true Vegan lifestyle and not wear or work with animal products, but I fully intend to eat vegan. Who knows…one day I could make the next step, you never know.

The kitchen cupboards have been stripped of any temptation, the last bit of dairy has been consumed, no more meat in the fridge and a large Vegan friendly food shop and cookbooks are at the ready. I am ready to eat a plant based diet.

Follow my updates on how I get on and please contact me if you have any advice or want to get involved.

Check out the below, all on Netflix

Food Inc –

Forks Over Knives –

Vegucated –

What The Health –