Another challenging day lay ahead as it becomes clear that the diet and work balance needs some serious thought.

A few beers last night and I’m craving the usual hangover go to breakfast option of bacon. No chance, I can power through this. However, having run out of Soya milk my only breakfast option is for a black coffee and hope that I can get through to lunch.

Today I am meeting a work associate and good friend for lunch at The Curtain in Shoreditch. I joined here a few months ago and I have to admit I am yet to be truly convinced by the place. We are eating in the Lido (the rooftop restaurant) where I have eaten a few times and enjoyed it but wasn’t sure what there was for Vegetarians, let alone vegans.

I checked out online and the menu, although nice isn’t really helpful with no key to what is at least veggie friendly. I just have to trust my instinct.

When I arrive I am the first, so I sit down with the menu and start to review. I call the waitress over for what is my first of those awkward conversations that people who may try to change their eating habits always encounter. “Excuse, I’m trying to eat Vegan…” cue puzzled concerned face from the waitress..”Is there anything on this menu that I can eat?” I point cluelessly at the Daterrini tomato and oregano flat bread to receive what is honestly the least convincing head nod I have ever seen.

“Oh, hold on,” she says “Let me get you the vegetarian menu”. Nice that they have separated the menus. No longer do you have a kids menu but now you should ask for the vegetarian menu too.

Like my friends the night before my friend could not understand why I was indulging in this challenge and as before I simply told him to watch the Netflix films I had.

I decided upon the Tomato and Basil Spaghettini, on the advice from the waitress that this is vegan. I doubt it truly was. Now, this has supported by concern, that once this challenge is over I will need to review how strict a vegan I become as I am not prepared to go hungry whilst on business lunches due to the slight presence of dairy. I’m sure in a few weeks I may revisit this comment.

The food was good. The olives that preceded the main were awesome and I highly recommend. For dessert I had the golden pineapple & pomegranate, coconut sorbet Tiramisu. Very pretty and very refreshing… a good end.

For dinner I was feeling a little Friday lazy so I fried up the Organic vegan lucky stars I found in As Nature Intended earlier in the week and combined them with lettuce, tomato, onion and Sriracha sauce in a flour tortilla. A side of edamame with garlic, chilli and salt… done

Working week…done