So today is a big challenge day. A day packed with meetings and also after work drinks with some old colleagues and friends. How am I going to stick to the vegan diet when short on time and out with friends.

I start the day with a nice bowl of Weetabix with soya milk, sweetened with a drizzle of agave syrup and a black coffee (already lessening the soya milk you should note) and it is off to work.

I have a few meetings and calls in the office before I head into Oxford Street to meet with a customer. After the meeting I thought I would check out what was on offer in Itsu. Always seems like a nice fresh and healthy option for the supposed omnivores, so I’ll see what they have on offer for those trying to be vegan.

I stumbled across an awesome sushi salad that was both filling and tasty. I really highly recommend this, everything you want in a salad; taste, filling and variation..although MyFitnessPal highlights that it is heavy in Sodium… check it out here

This kept me going for the rest of the day before it was out with some old pals for drinks. Luckily Peroni is still vegan, otherwise I would have given up already! Cheers