So today is the day… when it all kicks off and I officially challenge myself for what I consider to be the biggest challenge of my life. Going Vegan.

If I can do this I surely must be able to do anything! My love of food, I believe, is unequalled by any man. How am I going to last three weeks on a plant based diet.

The morning didn’t start too well as I realised that I didn’t have anything breakfast suitable. So I plumped for a black coffee and then off to work.

On my journey I started to wonder where the hell I could go to get some lunch/snacks. So I phoned Nicky (remember… Mr Vegan, you’ll probably hear quite a bit more of that name over the coming weeks) and he started to put my mind at ease. This was going to be a bit of a shock to my body but I am confident once I know where I can get the right food and what is good and what looks like it’s good but actually bad…and so on.

I thought the Veggie Pret a Manger in Old Street might be a good place to start and I was right. They have loads of Vegan options, clearly marked on the shelves.

So for lunch, I decided to go for a Chakalaka Wrap (click for nutritional info), Edamame and of course… I spotted the Vegan brownie! Get in… I can do this!

The brownie didn’t last long and was surprisingly awesome. Moist and rich, if this is a sign then this challenge will be easy.

Around came lunch and again the Chakalaka wrap was either really nice, because it was just that, or I was so hungry that my usually average standards had dropped to ‘take anything’ level. Either way, I really liked it and it filled me sufficiently to carry on for the rest of the day.


On my route home I thought I would try and find some nuts or something to indulge in during my walk to the station and found some vegan-friendly Graze nuts in Sainsbury’s. That’ll do nicely.

Home and actually not that hungry (surprisingly) but I managed to rustle up a very quick Brocolli, Tomatoes and Basil dish that I found online. Quick, simple and pretty awesome. Click here for the recipe and I added some chilli flakes to give it an extra kick.

Day one…done!