Week one is drawing to a close and today has probably been the most impactful over the whole time that I have been on my Vegan challenge.

Today I weighed myself… when I started this, at the beginning of the week, I was 89.1kg (14.03 stone in old money). Now if you look over my last few days intake, it hasn’t been altogether ‘healthy’ but it has been plant based and true to veganism. I have eaten fried food, wheat, oreos, and drunk beer. However with no change to my lifetstyle, other than my diet I have lost nearly 1kg. That’s quite a lot for doing no exercise and just eating better.

Driven by this I put on my dusty gym kit and out for a run I go.

Oh my god…that run was nuts. I last went for a run over a month ago. I know I am out of shape but look at the difference in the times. I ran easier, smoother, felt less sluggish and out of breath. I even felt I sweat less. This is insane if it’s the result of the vegan diet… after only one week! What is going to happen after 6 weeks and more???

Post run I treat myself to a nice smoothie comprising of frozen strawberries, frozen raspberry, fresh mango, banana, apple and flax seed… boom!

For lunch I decided to treat myself to old faithful… a Jackie P. Something I dreamt up whilst out on the run. But how to recreate that fluffy cheesiness I loved (and will miss dearly)? I can’t eat it with butter or cheese so I decided to replace these with vegan olive spread and the remaining Vegan salad cheese (feta).

All in place…baked beans (a vegan must and jacket potato’s best friend), chopped tomato and onion, lettuce and a side of corn on the cob with chili and lime…Lets go!

Erm…it’s not the same. Too sweet and salty. That’s the spread and cheese. I feel this will grow on me, a bit like cutting sugar from tea. I eat the skins without and love them. I won’t give up on this old friend.

Dinner… still full from my jacket potato I simply toast some rye bread and spread some avocado and add pine nuts and a squeeze of lemon. Nice

Week one over and feeling positive. With each day the thought of eating meat becomes less regular and I honestly feel more energetic, healthier and focused.