The weekend cometh and I feel energised to see my first week out on this Vegan challenge. I know that I haven’t been the healthiest during week one, but I haven’t consciously cheated or failed.. yet.

Michaela and I start the weekend like most weekends with a trip to the local grocery store to pick up our food for the weekend and week ahead, and this time we felt much more positive and confident striding into Sainsbury’s to pick out the items we knew we both liked and could eat.

This morning I found out that I have found a place for Almond milk in my life. I have always hated Almond milk as when the normal milk ran out I would steal Michaela’s supply of Almond milk for my coffee and it would taste horrendous. However, in Weetabix it tastes just like normal milk! Especially when teamed with the usual Agave Syrup. Winner, I have found another cut to my Soya Milk intake. Trust me… small steps.

A fuller homemade lunch was on the menu for today and then have a light dinner. So today I cooked the Organic Tofu Sea Cakes that I picked up earlier in the week at As Nature Intended.

As most men do, I saw the pack said 2 servings, so I automatically read that as eat both, team it with some Mediterranean tomato and herb couscous, and avocado salad with vegan salad cheese (a bit like a rubbery feta) and some Sriracha sauce (a theme going with this sauce!) and all would be good.

Now, those that know me know that I don’t leave a messy plate. But these cakes were so filling. They were tasty and smokey but really filling that I could only manage one and a bit. A nice little salad though.