Ok, so before I begin, the eagle-eyed amongst you would have noticed that the goal posts have shifted somewhat on my vegan challenge. For those that need a little help… I have been made aware that the Vegucated challenge is actually 6-weeks and not 3-weeks.

The goal posts have now not just moved… they’ve simply disappeared over the horizon. Oh well… I can do this. It has not been that hard, so far.

This morning I woke up to enjoy my new favourite coffee with Soya milk. I’ve been warned that too much Soya milk isn’t good for you, but I splashed it all over my Weetabix and sweetened it with agave nectar. Luuurvely.

What seems to have become my new ritual on my journey to work is to google my dinner using the random vegan ingredients in my head. Today’s search term is… “Vegan Soya Mince” and one that popped up to catch my eye was from Wallflower Kitchen, a neat little site full of vegan recipes. The one in question is for Easy Vegan Chilli Sin Carne (all the boxes ticked with that title). Check it out here.

Lunchtime soon came around today and short on time I decided to pop back to Pret a Manger and found they had a Chef Special Vegan wrap with an avocado and chilli sin carne filling which I teamed up with Vegetable crisps.

Ok not the healthiest lunch maybe but that wasn’t the law of the challenge, this is about being vegan. That is the priority.

And I stand by this for what dinner had in store.

Having planned to crack on with Wallflower Kitchen’s awesome recipe, I was late home and also greeted by my girlfriend who wasn’t that hungry. So I banked the recipe for later in the week and decided to entertain my inner demon. The demon demanded junk food, and when that guy pipes up…it’s hard to ignore him.

But I had to keep it Vegan.

Into the freezer and out came some Vegan nuggets, teamed with Cajun spiced new potatoes, broccoli and tomatoes. Spiced up further with my favourite sauce… Sriracha hot sauce.

The picture doesn’t really do it any favours…honestly.

Day 3 done… still vegan, not a very healthy one but a vegan diet nonetheless.