Today I woke up really refreshed. I doubt that after only a day this change has had this much effect on me mentally, but I feel good.

I immediately realised that I must make sure I get better prepared to have a meal plan for the next few days.

I have, over the past few days, downloaded some cool looking Vegan cookbooks (based mostly on the front cover), one of which is But I Could Never Go Vegan by Kirsty Turner, who challenges common beliefs on vegan food and suggests fantastic looking vegan alternatives to traditional family cooked dishes. I shall be attempting to make a few of the recipes in the book so watch this space through the following weeks. I just need to get the ingredients.

On the train in I thought about what I had I the fridge and cupboards and a simple Google search of “Tofu, chopped tomato, curry” kicked out an awesome looking dish from Jamie Oliver’s website of Tofu & Chickpea curry with Spring Greens. I logged the ingredients for later.

My one little victory today was realising that Soya Milk is the best for coffee and tea. I had originally used Almond milk but found that it effects the taste too much, so I started to drink my coffee black. Soya Milk is the way forward for vegan coffee and tea lovers.

I’m fortunate enough being in central London that I have access to many awesome food joints, many vegan-friendly food places and also international and health supermarkets.

After work I popped into Longdan Express on Kingsland Road to pick up some pieces that I notice are staple on a Vegan Diet… one being Tempeh and something I have loved for ages edamame.

Then onto As Nature Intended in Shoreditch to pick up the rest. As expected and researched, this natural and organic friendly supermarket isn’t the cheapest but they had a good selection of flavoured tofu and vegan ingredients so I took the hit and bought a load of goods that I knew I could run to when hangry.

Hometime and time to crack on with Jamie Oliver’s curry…. Quick, simple and really no fuss. And what’s even better…it tasted awesome. Highly recommended and as ever I have made enough for my lunch tomorrow. Winner.